Safety & Comfort

We are constantly researching the latest information on mask patterns and materials to assure the highest degree of virus filtration coupled with comfort, fit, and breathability.

Filtration: Currently, we are using two layers of 100% pre-washed quilter's cotton coupled with a non-woven polypropylene filter fabric (in the permanent filter model). More recent research indicates that another fabric combination may offer a much higher level  of protection, and still be comfortable and breathable. We are investigating this fabric and will provide updates as they become available.

FitProper fit is as important as the fabric used! Research shows that if there are gaps that total as little as the area of a penny, the mask is losing 50% of its filtration capacity. So a mask of 65% filtration will only offer 38% with those gaps! Hardly worth wearing. For proper fit, masks should fit snuggly but comfortably, pressing against nose, cheek bones, sides of cheeks, and under the chin. Gaps can be fixed by tightening the elastic or ties, by adding a small, hand-sewn dart to sides or under the chin, and by pressing the nose piece firmly to the contour of your nose.

Breathability: We use fabrics and filters that have high marks for breathability. We examine all new materials for these qualities as they arrive.

Comfort: All of our masks are made to be comfortable. Ear or behind the head and neck attachments increase the comfort and utility options.