Mask Care FAQs

Washing your mask  Masks must be washed before first use.

In washing machine*: Wash in very hot water with laundry soap.  Use dryer if available. Otherwise, squeeze gently and hang freely to dry.

By hand: Masks can be washed by swishing and soaking them in very hot water, then rinsing, squeezing gently and hanging freely to dry. 

* Lip-reading/smile mask must be washed by hand only. 

Masks should be washed after each use (per shift, per day, per return from high-exposure situation).

Proper Use
  • Masks should not be shared.
  • Wash hands well before putting clean mask on.
  • Adjust on face for proper fit so there are no gaps.
  • Do not touch mask and face while using the mask.

To Remove

  • Do not touch fabric of mask.
  • Remove by touching the elastics or ties.
  • Store in a specified bag until ready to wash.