COVID-19 Prevention Policy

 At im2: Immigrant Mask Makers of western Mass
we are all about COVID-19 prevention.

Protection steps include:

  • We make affordable, high quality masks available and encourage everyone to wear them.
  • We all work from home, minimizing our and our family's risk of COVID contact
  • We do our work under sanitary conditions, washing hands frequently, wearing masks while we work, and wiping down sewing surfaces and tools regularly
  • Fabric is washed in hot, soapy water; dried in a hot dryer; and ironed before use - this destroys any possible germs, and preshrinks the fabric so mask size remains consistent, insuring a good, protective fit. 
  • Masks are ironed at several stages of the construction process, further eliminating the possibility of any germs on the masks.
  • Masks are packaged in a ziploc bag to maintain cleanliness and avoid any dampness until pick-up or during shipping
  • Wash Before First Use and general daily washing instructions are included with each order